About Kore Agency

Here at Kore we specilise in Social Media, whether it’s creating class content, running reports, or optimising paid campaigns. We believe in doing what works; not what’s on trend. We have 7 years experience in the bag across a range of industries from Recruitment to Hospitality.

Community Managment

Customers don’t ring companies like they used to. They expect you to be on Social Media. With thousands of interactions going on every day, it’s vital that users are responded to in good time. Our team will help manage queries to ensure your customers are responded to throughout the day.

Paid Social Media

Social media is a vast landscape of content ranging from organic to paid. Nowadays companies don’t have the necessary cut though or traction to help drive traffic, engagements or awareness to potential customers without the need for paid social. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, we know the ins and outs of paid campaigns and we’ll help seek out your audience in the social landscape.


We’ll help you come up with unique, effective ideas to help push your business goals. Whether it’s sales, leads or getting people though the door, we know exactly what works as well as what doesn’t. We won’t waffle either, we’ll tell you what’s what, and what needs improving.

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